Interested in Membership?

The best way to get started is to come out and visit the club. You can be the guest of any club member or board member so that you can become familiar with the club. Summer weekends are the best time to meet with members as this is when most club activity occurs. If you are new to sailing and not sure what boat suits you best, be sure to talk with the fleet captains or members of the different sailboat classes as they can offer lots of advice. If you are a complete novice, sailing school is the best starting point. usually held in late June or early July.

If you are interested in joining the club after your initial visit, you will want to obtain a membership application from a club member, board member, or downloaded from the website. It helps to get to know a club member as they can sponsor your application. Submit your application along with the applicable initiation fee and first year's dues to a board member. Within one week the membership chairman will inform you as to the disposition of your application.

Membership Expectations

Making Application

1. Download Application
2. Complete Application
3. Enclose Initiation Fee and Appropriate Dues
4. Submit Application to Club Director or Member
5. Wait to Hear About Your Disposition

Dues Worksheet

Download the Membership Dues and Fees Worksheet

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